Five imaginary boys started to play The Cure songs for joke in 1996 in a garage in Florence.

Strong passion, friendship and so much desire to play in front of an audience made a dream come true. 

Easy Cure immediately became the most requested tribute to The Cure by the most important venues in Italy.

Year after year and after hundreds of shows in Europe, Easy Cure became the international tribute with more than 4000 followers (FB+IG) and recognized from all the European Cure fan’s group.

Mentioned as approved tribute on The Cure’s MTV Icon performed in London in 2004, and the singer Luca was interviewed as one of the most popular Cure fan from MTV UK Fanography.

Many tours in UK (Venues&Festivals), Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia, Netherlands, Spain and so on.

Easy Cure use same instruments and Fx equipment of the real Robert Smith’s band. 

The five members of Easy Cure met The Cure many times sharing experiences and magic moments.

A unique experience with same sounds, more than 150 songs in setlist with the most popular and iconic singles masterpieces of the band.

High quality show and real Cure look, made Easy Cure since last 30 years the best choice for dark, pop, rock live nights and festivals!



STYLE : Tribute The Cure